Archeoliterature – the Call

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(Warning: This story deals with the aftermath of a violent sexual assault.)

I’m not entirely sure where the idea for this one came from. I do remember that I wrote this in one sitting. So basically I had an idea and exorcised it from my mind immediately. Reading it now I think it’s a really good set-up, but it kinda peters out. Even when I wrote it (oh, at least fourteen years ago), I felt like the revelation about the brother wasn’t done as well as it could have been.

Reading it I was strangely aware of the absence of smartphones. When I wrote this (circa 2004), cellphones were definitely a things, but the titular call is answered on a land-line, which is a neat little literary time-capsule.

If I wrote it today: The overall plot and structure is good, but I should have played up some of the more thriller aspects. Amy should have had more to do, obviously. I think she should have tried to escape, thinking she was being held against her will. Colin should have been less concerned over finding out what happened, and more debating with himself if he wanted to call the cops on his best friend.

It’s worth noting that I did one major edit before posting this to AuthorsDen. In the original story the cops have done DNA test by the time Colin gets to the hospital – the same day. At the time I was vaguely aware that DNA testing was a thing but how no knowledge of how it worked. I cut all that stuff out because it would be impossible for the cops to know anything about that that fast.

Review Reply: I’ve gotten some positive feedback on this, but no burning questions. None of my old reviews called me out the DNA thing, which goes to show I’m not alone in not really understanding how DNA testing is done, lol.

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